hi, I’m Christianna!

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it is my resolve to be more student than teacher. I am determined to be a humble and boundless student. my practice is my service. with the intention to better know myself, I show up to the mat over and over again. I aim to be a witness to what is rather than what I want it to be.

the practice slowly but surely chips away layers of unconsciousness lodged in the body and creates space to connect with the divine. the practice is a reflection of life’s ebb and flow. I am not always inspired, but through patience and persistence, my inner world transforms and I am fascinated by even the subtlest of shifts. at the end of every practice, I offer my merits and seek to share anything I've gained.

my experience as a student is the source from where my teaching flows. it is my intention to create a space for you to be honest, vulnerable and real. you can expect a blend of spirituality, philosophy and alignment principles. my classes are approachable yet you will be challenged to discover new depths of strength and stillness. I pay reverence to the practice, my teachers and to those who have walked this path before me and beside me. 

yoga is an opportunity to be an artist, to play and to create a more authentic relationship with my internal and external universe.