home practice 


for some of us it is easier to practice at a studio, away from the mess of the real world & where we are temporarily unreachable.


but to practice at home amidst the chaos,


we develop the capacity to find our bearings and be present with what is at this moment.


the teacher and the taught together create the teaching
— eastern saying


together we will design a home practice uniquely prescribed for your body. 


I take a methodical approach to home practice. you'll get assignments that will build as you progress. you'll get to know your body on a whole new level. We'll work through injuries, limitations, stuck spots and fear. you will deepen your understanding of alignment, anatomy and energetics of poses. 


sessions are an hour long. I can come to your place or you can come to mine. I have indoor and outdoor spaces at my home on my family's ranch


1 session for $100

5 sessions for $400. 


take the first step, reach out

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want to commit to a home practice? is a private out of your budget?

join me in my home for yoga circle. $20 suggested donation