yoga for your wedding


“the yoga I did with Christianna before my wedding was themed around opening the shoulders and heart. I had to cry after because it was just the release I needed. it was a short moment in time but what I learned will remain with me. I am forever touched. ”

— Natalie C


“yoga with Christianna the morning of my wedding exceeded my expectations. it eliminated any nerves, kept me calm, and helped me ‘stay present’ during every amazing moment. not to mention, your bridesmaids will LOVE it!”

— Stephanie B


"people always told me 'your wedding day will fly by and you won't remember a thing that happened' however, I started my wedding day with a yoga session with Christianna, my mom, and two of my bridesmaids, and the entire day I truly felt centered and engaged in each and every moment, I was able to soak up every thing the day had to offer and I know that this is in huge part to Christianna helping me calm my mind and focus my heart on the day ahead! I am SO grateful that we started the day this way, and I couldn't have imagined it being any more perfect!"

— Emily H


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