Let's get spiritual!

People assume that drinking and yoga aren't aligned on the same path. But both are an art of transformation.  And as humans, we enjoy a wide spectrum of experiences. So I say we add some mindfulness to a practice where it tends to get tossed out the window.

Yoga in New Spaces.


  • Join us for an intimate all-levels flow class on the magical red floor where you can smell the grains fermenting and experience where transformation takes place.
  • Then take a tour of the distillery and learn all about the process which is a labor of love.
  • Featuring a sound bath of live music. 
  • Part 2 takes place in a beautiful hand built tasting room made completely from recycled wood. All spirits are made from local grains. Learn from master distiller Ryan Sutherland as we go through a flight.
  • You will be completely spoiled with dinner... trust me!
  • Top it off with a craft cocktail. 



Ryan Sutherland, of Sutherland Distilling met the Reinstein family when he was looking to source the most local grains he could find. The family's ranch is only 5 miles down the road, where they grow award-winning wheat ... needless to say they have become great neighbors. He even cooked for Christianna's wedding! 



Christianna Reinstein Kohler is thrilled to partner up with Sutherland distilling and bring her two worlds together. She is now the tasting room manager at Sutherland and happy to work in a true craft operation. Teaching in new spaces allows her to bring others outside their comfort zone and to broaden their horizons. Strengthening local community is what it's all about!


Wednesday April 4th

@Sutherland Distilling



Must be 21 or over to attend.

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